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About Us

Who We Are?


We are a team of Digital Marketers & Digital Product Creators who have joined Overseas Digital Marketing forces to create an opportunity for other Marketers to Learn & Make Money Online through utilising our MyDigitalContent Store platform. We’re passionate, data-driven, and eager to help our customers generate an Online Income by using the products they get from our Store. 
What Types of Products Do We Sell?
Our main goal is to help our customers grow their business by directly selling or reselling (the products they purchase) from our store to their Clients or Customers. 
Keeping this objective in mind we’ve planned to sell the following types of Digital Products from our store for now:
Whiteboard Explainer Videos
2D Animated Explainer Videos
Intro Video Templates
Outro Video Templates
US Spokesperson Videos (GreenScreen)
UK Spokesperson Videos (GreenScreen)
Marketing Tools & Softwares (Licensed)
Marketing Tutorials & Guidelines
Short Marketing Training Videos
Facebook Cover Photo 
Youtube Thumbnails 
Marketing Banners & Headers 
Attractive Lower Thirds for Videos
Almost anything that will help our Customers grow their Knowledge, Business and make a Profit.


How our Brand is different from others in the Current Market?
When others are dealing with Physical Products, we wanted to move on with something very specific and targeted. We want to help our Local Marketer’s community people by providing them with Knowledge and Marketing Products. This makes our Brand different from others cos it’s For The Marketers - By The Marketers.
We haven’t seen anyone coming up with the same idea Locally (for helping local marketing people) and that’s why we believe that our Brand stands unique and different.
Why our Products are Special & People should Buy?

Every product in our store is authentic. Our team of product creators are very aware of the Digital Marketing space on the internet and knows ‘What Works Well’. Experts in our team go through a Deep Research & Market Analysis before creating or showcasing a product in our store. This research & analysis enables us to convey our customers that there is certainly a potential market or audience ready to buy these products.
Since there is certainty of making a PROFIT - We think our Products are Special & People should Buy


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