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Mastering Technical SEO

Product Code: TSEO

BDT 3,700.0


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Course At A Glance

Starting Date : 28th Nov

Ending Date: 7th Dec 2020 

Total No. of Classes/ Sessions : 10 

Total Hours : 20

Class Schedule & Timing : Everyday (8:00 pm - 10:00 pm)

Venue : Zoom Online Session

About the Trainer: Toufiq Rayhan


This training is organized by My Digital Content


What you’ll learn?


By the end of this course you will understand how Technical SEO refers to improving the Technical aspects of a website in order to increase the ranking of its pages in the search engines.




This Workshop Is Tailored For
1. Anyone who understands the Basics of SEO
2. Anyone who understands Local SEO and how it works
3. ANYONE looking to MASTER Technical SEO
4. Anyone Who Has the Willingness to learn and commit to taking action - don't just idly go through the TRAINING

Course Outline as per Module:

Module 1 - Website Responsiveness - Improving the Website Look on Different Devices

1. What is Website Responsiveness
2. Optimizing your site for Mobile Devices
3. Understanding Mobile Friendliness & its Benefits
4. Testing you website for Mobile Friendliness

5. Knowing the importance & necessity of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for your website:

5.1 - What is AMP
5.2 - Examples of AMP
5.3 - How does AMP Work
5.4 - Why should you use AMP for your website
5.5 - Setting up AMP for your Wordpress website
5.6 - Testing/Validation of your AMP setup
5.7 - Submitting AMP URLs for Indexation
5.8 - Testing your AMP Page Speed

Module 2 - Structured Data - Understanding the implementation of Schema Markup

1. What are Structured Data or Schema Markup in SEO
2. How does Schema Markup affect SEO

3. Knowing the basic types of Schema Markup supported by Google:

3.1 - Organization Schema Markup
3.2 - Review , Product & Offer Schema Markup
3.3 - FAQ Schema Markup
3.4 - Article Schema Markup
3.5 - Local Business Schema Markup

4. Schema Encoding Types
5. Practical Session - Generating, Adding & Testing your Schema Markup

Module 3 - Server Response - Understanding “Status Codes”

1. Understanding HTTP Response Status
2. Knowing how Client,Server & Response works
3. Learning Informational, Successful, Redirects, Client & Server Error Response Codes
4. Understanding the importance & fixation of important Status Codes as a Digital Marketer
5. Detailed understanding of 200,301,302,304,401,403,404,500,503 & 504 

Module 4 - Website Page Speed Optimization

1. Knowing what Website Speed is and how Page Speed impacts SEO
2. Understanding the factors that helps to increase Page Loading Time
3. A clear teaching on File Compressions, Minification of CSS,Javascript or HTML
4. Reducing of Redirects, Remove render-blocking Javascript
5. Improve Server Response Time & understanding Browser Caching
6. Using CDNs & proper optimization of Images

Module 5 - Technical SEO Tweaks - Improve & Adjust your Technical Optimization

1. Robots Txt
a. What is Robots Txt
b. Why we use Robots Txt
c. How to check a Robots.txt file of a website
d. Knowing the Basic format of Robots.txt
e. Practical Session - Creating, Adding & Editing Robots.txt file for your Wordpress or Non Wordpress sites
f. Knowing the Bot Names of major Search Engines
g. Understanding Crawl Delay
h. Practical Session: Using Search Console to Check & Change Robots.txt
i. Learn to BLOCK Specific Pages
j. Understand how Robots.txt works on Subdomain and Root Domain
k. Sitemap Management via Robots.txt
l. Understanding how to Allow or Disallow subdirectories,certain files, webpages & URL Patterns using Robots.txt
m. Robots.txt Know Hows


2. SiteMap
a. Understanding what an XML Sitemap is and how Sitemap works
b. Pages to include in your XML Sitemap
c. Creating Sitemap for other Media Properties of your Site
d. Adding Sitemap to Google Search Console
e. Practical Session: Creating & Managing your Sitemap for your Wordpress or Non Wordpress sites


3. Google SiteLink

a. What are Sitelinks
b. Importance of Google Sitelinks
c. Learn the 6 Steps to generate Google Sitelinks for your website


4. hreflang - clarify the lingual and geographical targeting of a website

a. What is hreflang
b. SEO benefits of hreflang tags
c. Learning the implementation process of hreflang tag
d. Hreflang’s Ranking Effects
e. Understanding the differences between hreflang & Canonicalization



a. Knowing about Canonical Tag and its usage
b. Importance of Canonical Tag
c. The basics of Canonical Tag implementation
d. Practical Session: Canonical Fixing & Implementation for your Wordpress or Non Wordpress sites
e. Understanding the differences between Canonical Tags & 301 Redirects


6. Fixing Bad Redirects

a. What is a 301 Redirection
b. Practical Understanding of how a 301 Redirection works
c. Understanding Page & Domain Level Redirection
d. Learn Http to Https Redirection
e. 301 Redirection Affect on SEO
f. Fixing existing 301 Redirect issues on your site
g. Fixing Redirect Loops
h. Broken Link Fixation

Module 6 - Website Security

1. Ensuring Secured Password
2. Installation of SSL Certificate
3. Website Backup Automation
4. Limited User Permission
5. CMS & Plugin Updation
6. Securing Online Checkouts
7. Application of Anti-Malware Softwares
8. Understanding DDos Attacks & DDos Mitigation Service
9. Minimization of Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities
10. Knowing about SQL Injection Attacks

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